The Training Process


The process

Maria Fux's dance therapy is an artistic journey, rooted in the ability to create through dance. She addresses the human being without social, gender, cultural or physical distinctions. Maria argues that, at any moment of our existence, we can decide to experience the joy of expressing ourselves with the body and have deep contact with ourselves, contrary to what commonly happens in societies structured on distance, the copying of images that do not belong to us, artificial and rapid communication.

What does it mean to rediscover ourselves, to return to the senses that are mysteriously the essence of our body? Is it always possible? Maria's answer is: “Yes”.

Whatever the challenge, the structure, the psychic or physical situation, nothing prevents the return to the feeling that arises from adhering to small and large changes that the dance itself subtly evokes almost like during a game, without effort or intention but always present. From this simple consideration comes the nomenclature "Dance Therapy"; not from a path in psychology or medicine, but from the genuine observation that we start an encounter in a certain state and come out different.

In the year 2022 Maria Fux turned one hundred, in constant transformation and presence. In her hands that still design the music making it visible and tangible, she rediscovers all the power of her life spent in love for her own creation rooted in the desire to sow discoveries and possibilities for everyone.

Maria touched my heart definitively and from this comes my equally definitive choice to follow in her footsteps and continue in the dance that makes this life an incredibly new and fascinating experience and reveals the humanity this world needs to continue. to exist.

And dance

Pio Campo


The Training Path

The International School of Dance Therapy "SI.Danza" founded in 2007 by Maria Fux and Pio Campo offers a training course in permanent harmony with the Maria Fux Dance Therapy Studio in Buenos Aires. In Italy and in Brazil, the school is responsible for providing the necessary tools so that this artistic language of intense human and social transformation is assimilated and shared in the implementation areas that each student can choose. In the attached PDF you will find all information regarding the structure of the training.


“Training in Dance Therapy is an artistic journey that promotes self-knowledge: returning to inhabiting one’s body, recognizing oneself as creative human beings in motion…”