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Maria Fux – Creator of DanceTherapy


Maria Fux, Argentine choreographer and dance therapist with great artistic and pedagogical experience has been carrying out dance therapy training work for forty years in various countries of America and Europe, where her method for psycho-physical recovery is widely practiced through the creative movement in different situations of handicap.

Her career as a dancer began very early. Between 1954 and 1960 she is one of the first dancers of the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, protagonist of successful tours in the United States, Poland, Russia, Peru, Uruguay and Brazil. From 1960 to 1965 she directed the “Dance Seminar” at the National University of Buenos Aires. Subsequently she carries out an intense activity of recitals and educational seminars in many cities of Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

In 1968 she presented at the International Congress of music and therapy, which takes place in Buenos Aires, a report on the theme “Dance as therapy” where for the first time we talk about the importance of dance as an educational and expressive means for the deaf . From that moment on, Maria Fux became a point of reference in Europe and the Americas for training in dance therapy.

Today many operators, doctors and psychologists, who have experienced the validity of Maria Fux’s method, apply it in the treatment of people of various ages with sensory problems (blind, deaf), Down syndrome, psychological discomfort, both for rehabilitation purposes how therapeutic.

On May 14, 2002, she was named “illustrious citizen” of Buenos Aires.

In 2014 at the 29th Venice International Critics’ Week the documentary ‘Dancing with Maria’ by Ivan Gergolet was awarded. The film shot in Maria Fux’s studio in Buenos Aires was a huge success with audiences and critics.

Pio Campo – Directs the International Dance Center in harmony with Maria Fux

Italian dance therapist graduated in 1992 with the Argentine teacher Maria Fux in the “Creative Center of Dance Therapy” in Buenos Aires and in the Quadrennial School for Operators in DanceMovement Therapy method Maria Fux of Lilia Bertelli in Florence.

Co-Founder of the Espaço Cultural Vila Esperança in the city of Goiás in Brazil he has participated in the creation and development of social, educational and cultural actions in the local low-income community. He has implemented projects for 20 years as a Dance Therapist and Clown in the Grupo Circo Alegria do Povo directing dance experiences with children and adolescents, creating shows and participating in popular movements.

Precursor of dance therapy allied to educational processes, he accompanied groups from elementary to high school, realizing interdisciplinary projects through experiences of dance therapy and creativity with movement, in the Escola Pluricultural Odé Kayode, in the Coopecigo college and in various universities.

He introduced Dance Therapy in contexts such as the São Vicente de Paula asylum (a hospice for people with severe disabilities), in the Chacara de Recuperaçao Paraiso (Therapeutic community for chemical employees), in the Colonia Santa Marta (Leper colony in the city of Goiania), in the Shelter in Kathmandu in Nepal (community of support for women who have suffered serious violence) and in various hospitals and institutions in Italy, establishing bonds that are still alive today.

In the city of Goiás over the course of fifteen years she has accompanied many groups, made up of people of different ages and different psychic, physical and social situations and has guided movement research groups made up of educators and members of the community welcomed by the Vila Sperança Space, making possible a deep contact with the essence of dance therapy.

In 2002 he inaugurated with Maria Fux the International Center of Dance Therapy which bears the name of the great Teacher and which represents a theoretical and practical reference of the Method in Brazil. He currently promotes dance therapy meetings in universities, rehabilitation centers, drug addiction recovery centers, education centers, hospitals and carries out volunteer experiences through dance therapy in institutions such as the Aldeia da Paz in Pirenópolis.

He is permanently involved in Dance Therapy Training in Brazil, in the East, in Italy and in the Maria Fux Dance Therapy School which he founded in 2007 in Verona.

He is responsible for the promotion and realization of the Intensive International Meeting of Dance Therapy which takes place in Brazil in the month of July.

He participates in the ‘Ilumina’ festival in Alto Paraiso de Goiás holding dance therapy meetings.

On 11 September 2017 he held a conference on dance therapy in Brasilia at the Chamber of Deputies.

He is a member of the International Dance Council (CID) of UNESCO.

He directs the International Center of Dance Therapy in harmony with Maria Fux.


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He writes articles in the Italian magazine Rete Radiè Resch.

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“Life with Maria Fux, a life transformed by dance, by our conversations, socialising, coffee… And also by the silences that took shape and danced with Maria.”