The school

Established in Verona in 2007 by Pio Campo, with the legal authorization of Maria Fux and in constant collaboration with the Official headquarters in Buenos Aires directed by Irene Ascher, the International School of Dance Therapy ‘SI.Danza’ has been managed since 2009 by an association without profit-making business of the same name. Since 2015, the association has been affiliated to CONI through CSEN.

SI.Danza represents the María Fux International Dance Therapy Center in Italy, which is based in the city of Brasília (Brazil).

It offers a training course for dance therapists, starting from listening to one’s own being, developing the possibility of inner knowledge, expressive capacity and sensitivity. The human being is considered according to a unitary vision: body and spirit, rationality and feeling.


    • Bringing the student closer to the dimension of Listening as a possibility of deeper self-knowledge.
    • Promote the amplification and development of non-verbal processes through active experience, dance therapy and other body languages
    • Valuing the individual in the search for his own identity and in the group
    • Bringing the experience of the lessons and the method outside the reality of SI.Danza, so that it does not remain a positive experience only within the school

The school intends to give continuity and diffusion to the method at an international level. He wants to indicate dance therapy as a possibility of life even in different cultures.

La formazione avviene in Italia, Brasile, India e Nepal.


In Italy, the International Center operates through the non-profit association SI.Danza International School of Dance Therapy in the cities of Verona, Pistoia, Rome, Palermo and Milan.


The International Center is active in Brazil in São Paulo, Brasilia , Pirenopolis, Florianopolis and Goiás.
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Dance therapy seminars were held in Madrid in October 2010.


Since July 2007 in the city of Kathmandu, thanks to the collaboration of Cristina Lomi, the International Center has been offering dance meetings to women victims of violence, housed in protected centers (Shelters).
Since 2008 the meetings have also taken place in psychiatric hospitals and are aimed at both patients who are victims of torture and paramedical personnel as a training basis for their work.


In Rishikesh since 2013 in January and February  Pio Campo offers dance therapy sessions  from Monday to Friday.

The school

Where we are

The dance therapy seminars of the International School of Dance Therapy ‘SI.Danza’ take place in the gymnasium of the C. Perucci Middle School, Via Are Coltri 3 – 37142 – Marzana (Verona).

How to reach us

In the car:
get in touch with the secretariat or use the GPS application.

By train and bus:
from Verona Porta Nuova station, buses no. 52 and 92 arrive in Marcana. With a stop that allows you to reach the gym in a few minutes.

By plane:
Valerio Catullo Airport in Villafranca (VR) with the possibility of a shuttle upon reservation.

The school


The María Fux International Dance Therapy Center was founded in 2002 in Brazil by Pio Campo and is represented in Italy by SI.Danza International School of Dance Therapy.

It represents the realization of a journey begun by Pio Campo, after meeting and constant collaboration with María Fux, at the Espaço Cultural Vila Esperança in the city of Goiás, Brazil.

The Center offers training courses in Dance Therapy with the aim of transmitting to students, through personal and professional growth, knowledge of the Dance Therapy Method created by Maria Fux in its entirety and pedagogical originality and thus providing theoretical and practical knowledge for the acquisition and application of dance therapy in the various professional areas.

On 29 September 2007, the María Fux International Dance Therapy Center announced the birth of the SI.Danza International School of Dance Therapy, in Verona, under the direction of Master Dance Therapists Pio Campo and Maria Fux, as honorary director. The School was established with the collaboration of the International Center of Dance Therapy.