I’m back! I hope I have caught what you mean. A super hug.
“It was 2005 the first time I danced, then unaware of that” forever “that still continues to resonate within me today.
Opening your heart to Si Danza was as natural as breathing.
Being able to dance is feeling my body, it’s giving me infinite possibilities to create, to tell who I am and to meet other stories.
What surprises me every time is the great pleasure I feel born when research becomes more and more meticulous and the inside of me presses to manifest itself outside. And understand that nothing is left to chance.
I have offered this dance for many years to kindergarten boys and girls becoming a mirror of their personal journeys, fascinated by their transformations that resonated within me, as if they were mine.
I am grateful to Pio for opening this door to Maria Fux’s dance for me.
I am grateful to be able to cross it… Always! “